Ed Murray


Ed Murray

Seattle Mayor


Edward B. Murray became Mayor of Seattle on January 1, 2014. He was named one of Politico Magazine’s “50 thinkers, doers and dreamers who really matter in this age of gridlock and dysfunction.”

The Mayor has been driven by his commitment to social justice and social equity throughout his career. He was well known in the Legislature for reaching across party lines to bring meaningful protections and resources to vulnerable populations.

Murray was the prime sponsor of Washington state’s historic marriage equality law, as well as the prime sponsor of the 2002 Safe Schools bill protecting sexual minority youth in schools and a landmark bill banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation signed into law in 2006. During his time in the House, he drove legislation that doubled funding for low-income housing.

That same dedication to social justice shaped Murray’s mayoral agenda of making Seattle a safe, affordable, vibrant and interconnected city for all.

Since taking office, he has proposed a ballot measure to pilot a high-quality preschool program, established sustainable long-term funding for Seattle’s parks system, and provided a way to stave off imminent cuts to King Country Metro bus service. Murray’s honors include the 2002 Human Rights Campaign Leadership Equality Award; the 2005 Anti-Defamation League’s Cal Anderson Award; the 2006 Distinguished Public Service Award from the Washington State Psychological Association; the2009 Legislator of the Year Award from the Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs; and the 2012 Warren G. Magnuson Award.

Murray lives in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood with his husband of 22 years, Michael Shiosaki.